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Weekly update 17th November

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

    Last week's posts included

an update on the new Ready to read texts

a link for the Ready to Read webinar


The Teacher-led Innovation Fund  which is an opportunity to engage in some funded research. Projects supported by the fund will increase our pool of evidence about best practice in New Zealand classrooms. This will help raise achievement, especially for Māori students, Pasifika students, those with special education needs and those from low socio-economic backgrounds, by helping teachers develop more effective teaching practice.

The Teacher-led Innovation Fund will help teachers tackle real challenges. It will offer them the time and resource to develop innovative ways of helping children and young people succeed at school.

The fund will allow teachers to:

  • undertake practical research with other teachers to find ways to help individuals or groups of students succeed
  • work with academics and researchers to test these ideas
  • share what works with schools and other educators across New Zealand.
On other communities
On Primary ESOL Online Janet shared her latest gems from around the world
as well as her usual weekly update. As usual great links, suggestions and reading.
Anne's weekly update in Literacy Online also contains a wealth of ideas.
Secondary Literacy Online discussed generic vs subject specific literacy skills.
NCEA externals have been discussed on English Online with most people being generally pleased with the questions. Read the discussion of:
The English Online community also discussed the merits of AsTTle and alternative assessments.
What topics and issues are you pondering over this week that we can discuss online?
Have great week
Breda Matthews

Facilitator: Secondary ESOL community 

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