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David Hair

David Hair

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David Hair is a New Zealand YA and Adult fantasy writer living in Auckland. After a career in financial services, he became a fulltime writer after the publication of his first novel in 2009. He has a degree in History and Classical Studies, and a Diploma in Financial Planning. He has lived in the UK and India and is inspired by travel, history and folklore.

Five things I've learned about writing and life;

• Have a go! Don't think that you're not smart/talented/skilled/[insert other excuse] enough to succeed, because you'll never learn until you try, and you'll grow as a person regardless.

• Plan what you do, in detail, start to finish - but recognise and accept that sometimes the ideas you have along the way will improve the plan, so be flexible.

• Spend time getting to know the major characters of your stories, in detail. When they start talking you and each other inside your head, you're ready to start writing with them.

• Write about things that capture your imagination and passion (both in a positive and negative sense). Your strong emotions will bring the story alive more vividly.

• Be professional, by which I mean: do the research, check the facts, and critique your work to a high standard. Accept criticism with good grace and learn from it (but don't automatically assume that they are right and you are wrong). Make sure everything you do is of the highest standard you are capable of.

Published Works:

The Aotearoa Series (YA)

• The Bone Tiki (Harper Collins 2009)

• The Taniwha's Tear (Harper Collins 2010)

• The Lost Tohunga (Harper Collins 2011)

• Justice and Utu (Harper Collins 2012)

• Ghosts of Parihaka (Harper Collins 2013)

• Magic and Makutu (Harper Collins 2014)

The Return of Ravana (YA)

• Pyre of Queens (Penguin 2010)

• Swayamvara [The Ghost Bride] (Penguin 2011)

• Souls in Exile (Penguin 2011)

• King of Lanka (Penguin 2012

The Moontide Quartet (Adult)

• Mage's Blood (JFB/Quercus 2012)

• Scarlet Tides (JFB/Quercus 2013)

• Unholy War (pending, JFB/Quercus 2014)

• Ascendant's Rite (pending, JFB/Quercus 2015)


• 'Best First Book' award, for The Bone Tiki, NZ Post Children's Book Awards 2010

• 'Young Adult' award, for Pyre of Queens, LIANZA Childrens Book Awards 2012

Website: www.davidhairauthor.com