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Write About iPad App - NZ Version

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Last updated by Jill Hammonds

Write About This iPad App NZ version Some of you may have seen the Write About This iPad app. Well now thanks to Allanah King and Monika Kern, there is a NZ version with NZ pictures and content.  You can access it via the App Store or iTunes.

This is a great tool for creating your own topic based writing activities with prompts at three levels (takes only a few minutes with your own graphic) or you can use the supplied topics and prompts to give a bit more boost to daily writing.

You can download the free version to try it from the App Store, but I recommend that you pay out for the paid version ($4.99) if you find it to your liking so that you can access all the content and make more of your own content.

When you open the app you will find yourself on the Home page with music playing sweetly.  If you want to work with the class it can be annoying, but you can turn the music off by clicking on the music notes at the bottom right of the screen.

To get started, check out the categories - note that with the free version you only get access to the top left picture in each category - you can see more but they will be greyed out.  On the paid version shown below you get access to all and can save unlimited topics.


 Choose a category and then click on the picture and you will then see how the page is set up for students.

Choose picture

In addition to the picture you will see a writing prompt and this can be read aloud for students by clicking on the Voice icon.  There are three levels of prompts for each picture.  By clicking on the Settings tool (spanner) you can see the other prompts.  The one above is the level 2 prompt and below are levels 1 & 3.

Level 1 prompt
Level 3 prompt

Once you or the student has selected the level of the prompt, click on the Write (pencil) icon to take you to the actual writing page.  You will see the picture displayed on the left and the prompt below.

Write The student now double clicks on Enter Title to enter their own title (or this can be done later) and then clicks on the first line to begin writing their story.  (Younger or reluctant students may be better to record first and then write a shortened version until they gain confidence.)

Once they have completed, reshaped and edited their writing, they can then click on "Record Audio" and read their story - Press Record and read at a steady speed with expression, press Pause when finished, press Play to check that it sounds good, and then Save the audio.  Note that they can pause and then continue during the recording phase.  This is a good time to critique their reading style and get them to improve their delivery.

Finally "Save to Gallery" to save the writing topic.  They can create their own writer profile so that work is saved under their own name and includes their photo.  This, and other stories, can be viewed in "My Write Abouts" and from here they can be exported as movies to embed in your class blog.

My Write Abouts

To create your own Write About Topics with prompts click on "Create a Prompt".  The process from there is pretty self explanatory.

Create your own

Add picture

When you save your topic will go into the Custom folder - NOT the category.

Library of your customised prompts

For students who are self selecting their topic they can go straight to the Quick Write"Quick Write" pencil and create their own graphic by taking a photo or importing a self drawn picture or painting saved into the iPad photo album.  They can then write and record the audio track.