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The Pond

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How does the Maths & Statistics ICT Community work with the Pond?

You may have heard of the Pond, which is a platform for NZ educators to share and rate resources. It allows educators to add resources and links, and comment on their usefulness. Learn more here: http://www.n4l.co.nz/pond/

 Pond logo - copyright MoE 

From October 2014 onwards, you can use the Pond to link to resources or upload directly to the Pond. This means that if you have a resource or website that's particularly worth sharing, put it up in the Pond, rather than here in the resources section. Make sure you then come to this group and tell the community where to find it on the Pond. And if it's particularly useful, put it up in both places (the Pond and here) to make it as easy as possible for colleagues to find it!