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Inquiry Starters

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Teaching as Inquiry starters…..

Source: Angie Simmons- LwDT Facilitator

“The inquiry initiative/intervention should intentionally pair technology with an inclusive pedagogy and a collaborative way of working to yield a rich field of data/observations for reflection.”

Focusing Inquiry

Teaching Inquiry the strategies (the Pedagogy)

The strategies I can use are:

Teaching Inquiry the tools (digital technologies)

The tools I could use are:

My learners are reluctant writers who tell me they have nothing to write about (ideas/words)

  1. picture prompts  / visual clues

  2. recording ideas and then writing

  3. providing sentence starters

  4. vocabulary development

  5. brainstorming

  1. Story Bird, littlebirdtales,  Puppet pals, pic collage

  2. educreations, showme, sock puppets,  vocaroo

  3. google docs , telescopic text, piclits

  4. literacy shed, storyladder, sunshine online, wordle

  5. padlet, popplet

My learners are reluctant writers who tell me they can’t write because they don’t know what it looks like (format/structure)

  1. modelling books

  2. exemplars

  3. rewindable teaching: creating tutorials for learners to watch and rewatch

  4. writing together with a group to scaffold

  1. shared google doc or wiki space, actual examples , book creator, explain everything

  2. screenshots, images or embedded examples

  3. video of teacher modelling (Educreations, screencasting tools ie. screencastomatic, Screenchomp, ShowMe etc.)

  4. etherpad, google docs

My learners require motivation to increase reading mileage/ comprehension and improve oral fluency

  1. record reading aloud, listen & repeating

  2. word practice

  3. online stories to read

  1. vocaroo, educreations, littlebirdtales, sock puppets

  2. study ladder, starfall, myonlinereading, abcya

  3. A-Z readers,story jumper, storyrobe, bitstrips

My target group needs support to solve problems in maths using mathematical discourse

  1. show how they solve problems and explain their thinking / strategy selection

  2. listen to feedback and  restrategize

  1. voicethread, prezi, popplet, littlebirdtales, educreations, showme, youtube videos, screencasting, google doc

  2. see above

Focusing Inquiry

Teaching Inquiry

the strategies (the Pedagogy)

The strategies I can use are:

Teaching Inquiry

the tools (digital technologies)

The tools I could use are:

My target group struggles with their writing and need support to get started with their writing through motivational hooks

  1. Provide visual prompts for story writing

  2. Select a visual prompt + word bank for sentence writing

  3. Choose visual characters to animate with text

  4. Provide them with a visual, shared experience, framework, multi-media to base their writing upon

  5. An editable space for drafting and illustrating ideas for writing

  1. Storybird,

  2. Piclits,

  3. GoAnimate,  

  4. LiteracyShed

  5. Littlebirdtales,

I want to motivate my low writers and increase writing quality and quantity so they can experience success as confident, connected and actively involved writers

  1. scaffolding

  2. using storyboard (online)

  3. generating an authentic audience and provide feedback

  4. Develop vocab - using photos or video

  1. google docs, etherpad

  2. http://www.storyboardthat.com/ , google presentation

  3. use of individual blogs to give them a purpose for writing:  Blogger, wikispaces, wordpress, wix, weebly or joomla, mashable, spicynodes, http://quadblogging.net/

  4. LiteracyShed

My learners need practice with POE in science

  1. Use of simulations and VR

  1. explore learning (gizmos), phet simulations, exploratorium, illuminations, zooniverse, virtual labs, GLOBE, edheads, whyville

To promote self assessment and involvement with whanau through the use of ePortfolios and increase student ownership of their learning

  1. create an online space for a reflective eportfolio or learning journal

  1. myportfolio, weebly, googlesites, Blogger, wikispaces, wordpress, wix, weebly or joomla,, what is an eP, apps for ePs, e-competencies, eP success, learning journals