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Heather Arnold

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Heather Arnold

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Dip. Graphic Design. Dip. Digital Media

Website www.heatherarnold.co.nz

Portfolio website www.dragonsauce.com

Publishing website www.dragonsaucebooks.com

Heather has been a graphic designer/illustrator for over 25 years and currently works as a freelance web designer, graphic designer, illustrator and book publisher.

She has designed and illustrated five stamp issues for New Zealand Post from 1989 to 1995, and the 2010 Christmas Stamps for Niue.

She attended art classes from 2001 – 2006 to learn more about the different art/illustration mediums that she now employs in her illustration work.

Heather is the author, designer and illustrator for Draw New Zealand Birds – first published by Reed Publishing in 2007 and now being published by Dragonsauce Books in 2014. In 2008, it won a Storylines Notable Award for non-fiction and also the LIANZA Elsie Locke award for children’s non-fiction. 

Heather is the designer and illustrator for Rangitoto – first published by Puffin (Penguin Group (NZ)) in 2009 and now being published by Dragonsauce Books/Long White Cloud Books in 2014, with author Maria Gill. It was shortlisted for the 2010 New Zealand Post Children’s Book awards in the non-fiction category.

Heather is the designer and illustrator for The Call of the Kokako – published by New Holland Publishers in 2011, with author Maria Gill. In 2012, it was shortlisted in the LIANZA Elsie Locke award for children’s non-fiction and the LIANZA Russell Clark award for illustration.

Website: www.heatherarnold.co.nz

Portfolio website: www.dragosauce.com

Books website: www.dragonsaucebooks.com

Films website: www.dragonsaucefilms.com

Games website: www.dragonsaucegames.co

Draw New Zealand Birds website: www.drawandpaint.co   

Please note: that I am in the process of updating and redesigning these websites.

Here are my drawing tips:

1- Start drawing lightly and loosely, checking that your shapes are correct. Gradually darken your drawing as you progress.

2- Draw lines in the direction of the birds feathers, and this will make the feathers look realistic.

3- Keep in mind what direction the light is coming from, this effects the light and shadow areas of your drawing.

4- Layer line and  tone to build depth into your drawing. In some of my drawings I can get up to 10-12 layers.

5-  Draw the most detail at the focal point of your drawing, this will lead the viewer’s eye to the focal point.


Heather Arnold








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