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Tell a tale DigiAwards Entry information

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It’s time to make that splash and enter the Tell a tale DigiAwards! 

To enter complete the online registration below and upload your entries to Dropbox - for more details read the two-step process below. 

Step one - Complete the online registration form. A separate form needs to be completed for each entry e.g. if you enter 2 photo stories from your class and 5 digital story you will need to complete 7 online entry forms ( Autofill is a magic feature that will help with this ;)

Step two -Upload or submit entries to Dropbox (wherever possible one dropbox folder per school or class)

  1. Create a folder and name it with your schools name, within the folder add folders for each category you are entering e.g. Mana School folder and within two categories are being entered so two folders have been made and named – one storytelling and the other photostory. Upload files to the relevant folder.
  2.  Label or name your file using the following format. Files must be labelled with your schools initials and the name of the person or group entering e.g. MSJoFish (i.e initials for More School and the entrants individual or group name in this case the student Joe Fish is entering)
  3. OR../ if you are having trouble with dropbox (sometimes this happens with unstable wifi upload to youtube and send a link to the email address below)

 Share the folder you have created with tellataledigiawards@gmail.com The Tell a Tale DigiAwards team will then download and co-ordinate your entries for the judges.

 All online entry forms and media must be received by Tuesday 14th October 2014 (Week 1- Term 4).