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Commercial activity in Enabling e-Learning

Terms in the VLN read:

Users may mention their education related commercial affiliations and services on profile pages, but should refrain from advertising their services in the activity stream or in replies to discussion topics and blog posts. Blatant and repeated advertising of services will be treated as SPAM and user accounts will be disabled.

As part of our work stream in Enabling e-Learning, we often profile e-learning related events from across New Zealand, for educators to access (TKI/VLN). These can range from free opportunities to paid events from external providers.

Conditions for posting in the Enabling e-Learning calendar:

  • It is a once only item

  • There is no advertising - the name of event, location, cost, and description can be entered. The name of the company will not be included in the title field (this keeps advertising out of the activity stream).

The Enabling e-Learning online facilitators ensure users comply with the VLN terms i.e.

  • The person is required to list in their profile on VLN their related commercial affiliations, so users can see who they are and where they are from

  • The person can not advertise in an activity stream or in replies to discussion topics

We can post on your behalf. For further information about commercial activity within Enabling e-Learning, contact the Enabling e-Learning online facilitators.