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Te whakamahi i Te Rangitukutuku ā-tuihono / Using Te Rangitukutuku online tool

Register your school to use Te Rangitukutuku/MMeLPF

Te Rangitukutuku (MMeLPF) ā-tuihono - he kupu āwhina (.docx) - download the information on this page as a Word doc.

  • The url to access the MMeLPF online tool is: http://mmelpf.core-ed.org
  • Your school must be registered to use the tool. This can be done by:
    • EITHER - clicking on this box on the front page of the online tool and completing the email


    • OR - sending an email to mmelpf@vln.school.nz, with the subject line: "I need to register my school for MMeLPF" and providing the following detail:
      • the name of your kura
      • full name and email address(s) of the person(s) from the kura to have administrator rights to your MMeLPF account. This person(s) will be in charge of administering the survey, and have access to the analysis elements of the tool. 
    • At the other end, the external MMeLPF administrator will:
      • check your kura is receiving LwDT PLD
      • create your kura profile and provide your school administrator(s) with access to your survey
      • set up the survey ready for your school administrator to administer
      • send details to the person(s) identified as school administrator(s).


Administering the survey: Some tips for the school administrator of the survey

  • Your survey is set up externally by the MMeLPF administrator. Your school administrator will be sent access to the survey. The school administrator must send the survey link to staff. To do this: Sign in, go to "Send survey" on the blue menu bar at the top and read the instructions about how to administer and send the survey link (see diagram below).


  • The survey is a series of "statements" rather than questions, and asks the participant to provide a response based on their level of agreement with each statement. To respond, the participant clicks on the slider and moves it along the continuum indicating their level of agreement (as shown in the diagram below).


  • There are 7 pages to the survey, and it will take approximately 40 minutes to complete the survey (let the teachers know this in advance).
  • The number of statements on each page varies. Teachers must make a response to all statements before submitting at the end.
  • REMEMBER - the Kaiako/Pouwhirinaki/Tumaki surveys are in te reo Māori only (the bilingual version of the survey tool only exists in the ākonga/whānau surveys).
  • BEFORE starting - teachers need to email the Tau-muna (PIN) to themselves. Click the blue button - (Tukuna ā-īmēra hikotia taku tau-muna). This will generate an email which the teacher sends to themselves.  When they want to come back - they go to the email and click on the link that is there. The link will take them back to their survey in the tool.


  • REMEMBER to click submit at the end of the survey - last page of the survey, the red button (as shown below).


  • The red button will submit and close the survey (teachers can not return to the survey once they have submitted).
  • If you want to stop and come back later and finish the survey click on "whakamutua i konei" (as shown below) - this will pause the survey so they can return to finish using their Tau-muna (PIN)


  • Where you are unsure about what the statement is saying, position your slider at the "kore rawa e whakaae" point (far left).
  • YES - this is going to be repetitive - apologies in advance - the survey seeks your responses from a "personal" point of view, and "school-wide" point of view.

Personal and school-wide point of view: in most cases the statements provide indication as to which point of view is being sought, for example,

  • I tō mātou kura…(school wide point of view)
  • I taku akomanga…, Ka whakamahia au…, (indicate a personal point of view).

If teachers don’t finish the survey, they can return at a later time but they must login with their Tau-muna (PIN) - make sure teachers email the Tau-muna to the themselves before they begin the survey, and use this Tau-muna to return later and finish the survey (otherwise - if they return via the survey link they received they will create multiple entries in the tool).