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Read eBooks

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 Read eBooks

You can enhance the selection of reading material and reduce your reading budget through making reading of eBooks an important part of your class programme.  Today's students need to be able to read for pleasure and to process information from their device screens.  Libraries of the future are likely to increase their eBook loans selection and decrease hard copy.  Many people already access most of their leisure reading via libraries such as ePukapuka or download from online stores onto their Kindles and eReaders.  Failure to move into this form of reading is denying our students preparation for their tomorrows and full enjoyment of their todays!

Check out what the research is finding - click on the graphic to access the full report.
eBook Research  

Much of the reading material for NZ Schools is now going digital.  Some Instructional Series titles are now available in an online format along with audio reading supports, sign language and follow up activities.

Check out the following and please add other resources you have found in this eBook discussion

Ready to Read Sign Language Books

You can download the books free from the iTunes Store NZ

Ready To Read Downloads
Instructional Series Content Online  Instructional Series image  
Collins Big Cat Books - You can download the books free from the App Store NZ Collins Big Cat Books
Read Me Stories (app) - You can download the books free from the App Store NZ Read Me Stories
TheStoryMouse (app) - You can download the app free from the iTunes Store NZ and purchase books at $2.59 The Story Mouse Books
Storybird Books - Read online Storybird Books
Storyjumper Books - read online Storyjumper Books
The Reading Room - free books for students 13 years and over The Reading Room
The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) brings a worldwide collection of free children's books to the iPad. The largest collection of its kind, the ICDL spans the globe with thousands of children's books from over 60 countries, in a wide assortment of beautiful languages with captivating illustrations.  ICDL - International Children's Digital Library
SquidooFree eBooks for Kids – Online, iBooks, Kindle & Nook Squidoo - free eBooks for kids
Oxford Owl - Meg Feller of Christchurch loves the Oxford Owl site which has hundreds of free eBooks for all levels.  You need to set up an account and log in but then the world's your oyster - or should that be owl? Cool Oxford Owl eBooks
Kiwa Media - Lyn Ross from CORE Education likes these QBooks that kids can have read aloud as they run their finger over the words.  Available in multiple languages including Maori and sign language, and with phonic and spelling support.  Read the National Library review, watch the video about them and visit their site.  Download the app from the iTunes store. Kiwa Media
Allanah King's favourites on her Google site.  Plenty of eBooks amongst other reading apps.  Some are free and others you pay for.  Her current favourite is Booktrack that provides a sound backing while you read the book.  You can even adjust its reading speed to match yours. Also available as an Android app and a Chrome Web App. Booktrack

A Google search will reveal many other sources of free eBooks for kids, however we would like to hear about ones that people have used and found to be good quality.  Please add your favourites in this discussion section. Contributions will then be harvested and added here with attribution to the person sharing and with graphics from the site.  We look forward to compiling a really useful collection for teachers.