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About the DigiAwards 2014

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Tell a tale - free digital storytelling workshopsVision: Students having fun, creating and celebrating digital brilliance.  

These awards encourage

  • student voice
  • collaboration
  • sharing practices across schools
  • whanau engagement and connecting school communities


How often do we get to share our learning beyond our own classrooms? How often do others get to see how great we are with digital tools? Here’s an authentic opportunity for us to celebrate and share our digital smarts with our peers, family and wider community.

Entries close: Saturday 1st November 2014 

The BIG Splash: 3rd November 2014

An awards evening of excitement and entertainment will be held at Burnside High's Aurora Centre on 3rd November 2014. Schools will perform, category winners will be announced and prizes awarded. It is a great evening for all whanau and friends of the schools who enter to celebrate their children's digital brillance.