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19th May

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Hi all,

   Last week saw a lively discussion around interpreting unit standard 28058. Great to have those discussions about exactly what a standard means. I'm sure this conversation will continue particularly as we come to grips with more of the new standards.
Those of you who are involved in other subjects areas will be familiar with the importance of creating shared understandings. I know when I have looked at English standards working out the difference between ''analysing convincingly' and  'analysing perceptively' required a great deal of (often heated) discussion!
In my post in the above thread I reminded our community that we now have the option to request a clarification of a standard and that this option will be invaluable in refining our understanding of standards. Other subjects have had clarifications for some year and these are invaluable in developing shared understanding of standards. 
This circular provides more details and tells you how to submit a request for clarification. Once clarifications are posted, they will be linked on this NZQA page.
Conversations to add to
Janette asked a question regarding managing assessment conditions for us 22750. She would like to know if schools insist that all work is done in class time. What does your school / department do?
Rosa would like to know if and how departments use NZC  levels when reporting to parents.
New links
  • Period 1 funding allocation
  • ELLP for funding details
  • the CLESOL Conference - early bird registrations available until 30th May
  • the Reading Together programme
  • a multi-cultural sports day
  • and useful links
On other communities

On Primary ESOL Online Janet posted interesting links and readings. This community also discussed teaching Maths to ELLs and testing in L1.
Literacy Online had a guest post from Jane Carrol. In this post Jane reported on a talk from Kate Nation entitled 'Learning to read and learning to comprehend: Insights from poor comprehenders'. For me this post emphasised the importance of oracy and reminded me to review the excellent resource Learning Through Talk: Oral Language in Years 1–3 and Years 4 - 8. Scroll down this page to find out how to get the resource.
Have a great week