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Weekly update 5th May

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Hi everyone,

         Welcome back to Term 2. I hope you are all well and rested. There have been a couple of conversations and developments over the break.
There has been a discussion on types ESOL qualifications. As always the key question here is 'What is your purpose for doing the qualification?" Different qualifications will give you access to different types of teaching posts.  Of particular interest is the  TESOLANZ list of TEFL and TESOL courses.
On the VLN there has been a discussion on providing for senior students who are at Foundation or Stage 1.
Many thanks to all of those who added information, tips and advice to this conversation and to Hilary for linking us to the TESOLANZ list.
The VLN groups are also going well. If you don't know about these there is a
  • Secondary ESOL VLN group - go there to discuss any issue. This is an open group - anyone can join our discussions.
  • a English language unit standards group - a closed group set up to discuss the new EL standards and share resources - contact your regional facilitator to join this group.
  • an EAP group - another closed group for teachers using the EAP unit standards -  contact your regional facilitator to join this group.
Primary ESOL Online have discussed assessing against National Standards. This conversation will be of interest to schools with attached intermediate departments.

NZQA are offering feedback-purposes-only moderation for English Language standards.

Formal moderation for these standards will not occur in 2014. However schools may submit their materials to NZQA for feedback-purposes-only.  Alternatively, schools may request formal moderation in 2014 by contacting their School Relationship Manager.

EL / ESOL now has its own subject page on the NZQA website. You will find the nationals moderators newsletters, links to resources and worksop information and, in time clarifications. A great development.
NZQA also now have an EL Facebook page! If you have a Facebook account you can search 'English language ESOL NZQA'. Once you find the page click 'Follow' you will then be sent all updates automatically.
Have a great first week