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Inquiry - So what?

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What could we look for?

Consider these different areas where we might look for evidence that technology is making a difference to our students...especially our priority learners.


  1. Wellbeing - how do students feel about coming to school, being in class and working with other students?
  2. Engagement - how do students show that they are enthusiastic and enjoy the work they are doing?
  3. Improved understanding of their learning - how do students demonstrate that they have picked up new skills that allow them to complete their work to a high level?
  4. Improved achievement - how can we show that all of this has led to improved achievement for our students?
Let's see if we can generate some specific ideas or questions about each of these areas by adding to this Google Doc.


Google Forms - A quick and easy way to find out what your students think

You can find a detailed tutorial on how to use Google forms here but today we'll create a simple form to get you started.


A Google Form is a survey tool that you can all access through your school Google account. 


Step 1  Go to your Google Drive and click CREATE --> Form

Step 2  Choose a theme for your form, give it a title and add a short descrition to explain what the form is about.

Step 3  Add some questions to your form.

Step 4  Share the form with your students.

Step 5  When the students have completed the form, you will be able to view the results in a spreadsheet or as a series of charts.