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Suggestions for Staff PD

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Last updated by Breda Matthews

Bev asked for ideas / resources to share that might be useful for Staff PD sessions that might grab the teachers attention and shared her very cool bookmark for mainstream teachers.

Here are some of the suggested ideas.

Rosa suggested using the ELLP professional support modules

Chrissy linked us to a cool Youtube clip  and said that she followed it up by asking

  • Are they listening to each other? Are they speaking slowly? Are they speaking clearly?
  • Putting the staff in groups and giving them a sheet of paper with " techniques and ideas which are working well already in house groups and classes" on it
  • Then getting staff to share suggestions and ideas for internationals in the mainstream.

I suggested using the DVDs Making language and learning work which have facilitation notes.

Nan uses examples from the Speaking exemplars and shows these to staff before they tackle the oral language assessment part of the ELLP document. Nan says that showing a Stage 1 student and a Stage 2 student illustrates the difference quite clearly and really helpd teachers make judgements. 

It was a change from me being at the front of the staffroom and just 'addressing' them.

Alana suggested locking into where teachers currently are in their knowledge of ELLs and their learning needs.

In your staff you will have teachers that:
  1. Know and Do adapt their practice to meet the needs of ESL
  2. Know they need to adapt their practice but not sure how
  3. Have no idea how to meet the needs of ESL students
So even though you have done PLD with them before- it is so important to keep your ESL students in the forefront of every curriculum teachers' minds.
So building on the writing scripts you have collected - could you really personalise this years' cohorts?
How many ESL students you have – which countries they come from. Personalise it so everybody knows who they are.
Then share any data you have with them- Paul Nation? They may need a reminder about that assessment – the what, how and why? A reminder about how long it takes to catch up to native speakers etc- or just ask your staff if they know that?
Maybe with the writing samples – then teachers  could analyse them and decide what the next learning steps could be for each script- the emphasise being on vocabulary probably/ maybe?
Also you could ask them how they teach vocabulary in their subject area? Think, pair, share. Then you could remind them of the range of approaches/ ESOL principles they need integrated in their units- link them up to the ESOL strategy site?