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Collaborative projects

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Here you'll find a growing collection of Enabling e-Learning community created resources. These collaborative projects have been co-created by community members for all to access. Please feel free to add your own ideas and examples.

1. Digital resources to support literacy learning online

In a digital age, there are also a number of creative and innovative ways to support and enhance literacy (oral, listening, presenting, reading, writing, spelling), including te reo Māori. Here are a few Digital resources to support literacy learning onlineIf you have any apps, websites or games to add of your own, please feel free to do so in the our shared Google presentation. All feedback and comments welcome.

2. Computational Thinking in Literacy

Here are some collated Literacy activities (both plugged and unplugged) in this Google presentation below that teaches about/with/through Computational Thinking. Try these with your students and feel free to add to this crowd-sourced resource. Like a good stretch, some activities just take a few minutes a day. 

3. Collaborative Planning Template Examples

Crowd-sourced Google presentation (started by Mark Maddren) sharing different digital tools to help make collaborative planning and teaching more manageable, achievable. Please feel free to add your own ideas/examples/tools here >>>

4. Coding in the classroom

Feel free to add your ideas about how to introduce or teach coding in both primary and secondary schools in this shared Google presentation here >>>.

5. Modern Learning for secondary schools

This resource (primarily for secondary schools) focuses on Modern Learning pedagogy and Modern Learning environments. It is a collaborative effort on behalf of Te Toi Tupu facilitators. All of your ideas and input is also welcome in this Google presentation.

6. Tools to engage with parents/whānau

Community members share how technologies are being used to inform and engage with parents/whānau about their child's learning, as well promote partnership and participation between home and school. Insert your own experiences here >>>

7. Celebrating the impact of e-Learning 

Enabling e-Learning community members share how technologies have been used in lesson sequences to help make learning more exciting/engaging and enabled students to explore issues, solve problems, consolidate learning and co-construct new knowledge.  Insert your own experiences here >>>

8. Indigenous cultures and e-learning

Community members respond to the question, How do we use technology to truly teach in a culturally responsive way? This Google Doc attempts to align aspects from the Leadership, Professional LearningTeaching and Beyond the Classroom dimensions of the eLPF with a cultural responsive lens.

eLPF, cultural responsive practice and RTC

Feel free to jump in and add some specific goals for teachers/school/students as well as any ideas/examples/resources that might help address explicit ways of working with technologies that would truly reflect cultural responsiveness

9. A Crowd Sourced Digital Citizenship Collection

This collaborative project has been started by community member Annemarie Hyde. You are welcome to access these resources and add some of your own to the mix.

10. Modern Learning Environments in the junior school

Marnel van der Spuy has started this shared Google presentation and invites anyone with a perspective about Modern Learning Environments (in the junior school) to add their ideas, experiences, resources here. Please feel free to jump in.

11. What do your students think about using technology for learning?

This Google doc is a draft student survey for e-learning. It makes references to e-learning tools (type, frequency, use) as well as evidence of effective teaching and learning practices within lesson sequence/s. Technologies and ideas change, so please feel free to continue add your own ideas to this doc.

Draft student survey


12. Top tips for school leaders - as they recruit new staff

30 day leadership challenge presentation (2011) collated community member's ideas, about what school leaders should look for when recruiting new staff - to help sustain e-learning in schools. The PowerPoint file can be downloaded 

More VLN community projects can be found in the Collaborate: Connect, Learn, Participate and Create! group. Jump in and get involved!