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Evaluation & Strategic Planning

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Implement a self-review process aligned with meeting cluster goals and strategic planning


An ongoing cycle of review and strategic planning will ensure that the LCO is responsive to the changing needs of students and of the participating schools. It is important to align this process to the shared vision of the LCO and improving the learning opportunities for all students. This will ensure that if and as changes are made, they reflect the true purpose of the LCO and are not just expedient measures.

A long term strategic plan is critical to give enough time to sustain momentum towards LCO goals by providing continuity and some security of appointment to key personnel. The goals of the LCO should align with the long-term strategic plans of each of the member organisations (and vice versa).


  • Establish a review committee and charge them with completing an annual review process to agreed criteria
  • Ensure a strategic plan and review process for meeting cluster goals is firmly in place that allows for sustainability e.g. 5 year plan.
  • Ensure all schools involved have had input and included the goals of the cluster in their own school charter and documentation.