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Learning and Teaching Resources

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Regularly review teaching and learning resources to ensure they are current and up to date.


The creation, collection, storage and distribution of resources to support teaching and learning in an online environment is critical to sustaining a model of success in a cluster. Schools and teachers must develop procedures that allow them to continually review and update their practice and adapt their resource base. This must be systematic and organized. An ad-hoc approach leads to teachers working in isolation rather than working collectively and sharing.

Consideration needs to be given to:

  • selecting which resources to invest in, and what to create internally
  • systems for collecting, storing and sharing teacher-created and student-created resources
  • the role of creative commons licensing for shared resources
  • understanding the concept of ‘learning objects’ and their use in online learning.


  • Keep up to date with research on resources for online learning – appoint someone in the cluster to coordinate this.
  • Subscribe to rss feeds of relevant websites and resource repositories.
  • Provide professional learning opportunities for staff in terms of resource development.
  • Adopt a creative commons licensing process for all internally created resources.
  • Develop systems for sharing resources both within and outside the LCO.