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Professional Development & Support

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Maintain programmes of regular professional learning opportunities for teachers.


International research and the early experiences of clusters in New Zealand demonstrates that professional learning for teachers is vital. Teacher professional learning should be sustained and in-depth. This may take various forms such as attending conferences, doing study, shared learning with other teachers, peer teaching and learning, regular meetings, huis etc. This allows teachers to develop the skills and knowledge needed, and allows more experienced teachers to share their experiences.


Develop a programme of regular professional learning opportunities for teachers.

  • Ensure professional learning is budgeted for in schools’ 5-year plans.
  • Maintain a register of staff professional development activity - identify those with skills to share.
  • Create opportunities for staff to share experiences and expertise with others – i.e. assign a ‘mentor’ to new teachers in the LCO.
  • Assign responsibilities for keeping up to date with (and disseminating) current research and best practice.
  • Make use of online technologies to access relevant professional learning opportunities and support.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds of relevant websites and make these available to all staff.