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Evaluation & Strategic Planning

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Integrate goals into participating Organisations’ strategic plans and validate these through regular milestone reporting.


The key evaluation question at this stage is: “are the goals of the Learning Community Online being met?” This will be answered in two ways. The LCO goals will be reflected by, and embedded within, the strategic planning of the component organisations in the community. This will ensure that there is alignment and accountability between both the organisation and the LCO. Secondly, this in turn will feed into the evaluation and strategic planning of the LCO as a whole.


Establish an appropriate milestone reporting process. Consideration should be given to:

  • At the provider level a process of regular and effective reflection and evaluation of goals is occurring, e.g. teaching, learning, reflection, and evaluation.
  • Regular review of technical architecture and support systems.
  • Regular accounting milestones established and adhered to.
  • Regular reports to Boards of Trustees and to the Governance Group.
  • For all learners an effective process of evaluating online teaching and learning is needed (e.g. is academic success as assured for online students as it is in the classroom?).

Establish systems for collecting data, including capturing of anecdotal feedback and comments. This can be achieved through the community’s LMS, feedback from online surveys, and analysis of achievement results from NCEA data.

Create an online report for cluster milestones, incorporating next steps as well as feedback.