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Administration & Support Strategies

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Maintain cluster level management team and systems.


With the implementation of the LCO, a person or persons tasked with the responsibility for the administration of the LCO will be in place. They will be a part of, and report to, the LCO governance group, who in turn are answerable to the entire group who have agreed to form the LCO . This role will require functioning on several levels in order to provide the LCO with the support it will require to successfully operate. This will require a link with national activities, a focus on community wide administration, and a thorough working knowledge of the systems operating within the component members of the community. This part of the administration and support must include a working relationship with nominated personnel on site to fulfill the level of support at an individual community member level.


The role of administration and coordination of the LCO is tasked to one or more people. They are responsible to (and assisted in the administration of the LCO by) the governance group.

  • Job descriptions for the administrative roles within the LCO are confirmed.
  • Site co-ordinators/mentors are allocated time to work and liaise with the LCO learners.
  • Site co-ordinators/mentors need to consider (as it applies to their learners):
    -    helping set up tracking sheets and back up systems for students’ work
    -    set up reports, documentation, and absentee systems.
    -    storage of NZQA/NCEA data
    -    contacts of schools/teachers
    -    assisting students with setting up assessment schedules and exam planning
    -    liaison (contact) with teacher as go-between for feedback overviews/support.