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Technical Coordination

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Ongoing and effective support processes are in place.


It is important to have effective and ongoing technical support to ensure technology is not a barrier to learning. Technical difficulties for students and teachers can be the access to computers, access to email, access to an online environment, filtering or blocking of internet sites, or computers which are not updated with current software to play multimedia.


The following should be put in place and available for use by both providers and learners in the online courses:

  • Initial and ongoing staff and student training.
  • Helpdesk numbers are provided and visible wherever they will be needed.
  • User-friendly troubleshooting guides are available wherever they are required (eg. with the laptop pod or Video Conference room, on the LCO website).
  • Easy to use system of reporting technical difficulties: urgent and non-urgent.
  • Schedule for regular maintenance and support (within schools and across the cluster).
  • Means of communicating proactive technical advice (technical support providers are members of support forum and groups).