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Professional Development & Support

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Establish ongoing professional development within a community of practice.


LCO eteachers will have had initial training and induction to prepare them to teach online. They now need to embed this into their teaching and build in opportunities to reflect on, and refine, their practice. Opportunities to share with a wider community of learners within the LCO and with other LCO will enable collaboration and knowledge sharing. Professional learning at this stage will be on the continued building of skills and knowledge of online pedagogies and tools and the evaluation of the impact of this based on student learning outcomes.


Provide professional learning opportunities:

  • For teachers to collaborate, share knowledge and provide peer support. This can be in the form of meetings, workshops and observations in other online classes.
  • For teachers to reflect on their own practice by recording and reviewing online classes using the Tandberg server or Adobe Connect recording.
  • That are evaluative based on involve student feedback, attendance and achievement data.