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Māori Achieving Success as Māori

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Resources for Maori

Ka Hikitia Update
Ka Hikitia Accelerating Success 2013 – 2017.
  The Education Gazette contains an update including Tips and Techniques for Ka Hikitia.

Check out Maoritube for anything and everything Maori including simple waiata.

Resources and ideas for supporting Māori learners to be successful as Māori, shared on list by Jason Ruakere

Jason challenged us to think about:

·      What is Māori literacy?

·      What are Māori perspectives on literacy?

·      What does literacy look like for Māori learners outside the classroom?

·      How can Māori literacy perspectives be implemented in the classroom?

Jason did some of his own research and found the following documents and video clips related to Māori literacy.

Teaching digital stories using tuakana-teina 

Digital stories.jpg




 Multiple Literacies

Cheryl Stephens.jpg






Using Māori and Pacific Pedagogies in Literacy Learning

Herewini Easton.jpg





A Māori Focused Resource for English Teachers

This resource was provided by Jenny Webb of Queen’s High School in Dunedin. This is a collection of Māori focused resources for English teachers. It is supported by sound research; it incorporates student voice and is helpful for improving the achievement and learning experiences for Māori learners.

A Maori Focused Resource for English Teachers by Jenny Webb


In terms of assessment tools in Te Reo Māori you can check these links and resources below: 

Mainstream assessment tools finder:

This asTTle one is available in Te Reo Māori (Pānui)

This asTTle one is available in Te Reo Māori (Tuhituhi), great for groups but dependent on ICT structure.

Some background about assessment tools that Kura use to assess the oral language proficiency of their students by Berryman and Woller.
Berryman, M.pdf    Berryman-and-Woller-PowerPoint.pdf