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f2f Leading Effective Leadership days

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Last updated by Tessa Gray

To get us started and begin to develop our community, we will be holding our initial f2f meetings in Rotorua and Napier on the 24th September 2013.

These meetings  will be linked online and will be a blend of f2f and online workshops from both venues. So Register NOW  and be in to kick off our Leading Effective e-Learning community.

Details of the blended meetings agenda:

f2f Blended eLeadership Day (calendar event)

f2f Blended eLeadership Day (discussion)

Registrations close: 20th September  12.00pm

Venues:            Rotorua 24th Sept 2013                                          Napier 24th Sept 2013                      

 View Rotorua Energy Events Centre                                   View Napier War Memorial Conference Centre 

See you all there!!!Laughing