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Tongan language Week

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The Theme for Tongan Language week 2013 is: "Fakakoloa 'o Aotearoa 'aki 'etau Lea mo e Hiva Faka-Tonga" - "Enriching Aotearoa with Tongan Language and Music. 

The site "Tongan for Beginners" has 7 lessons in all, but some of the early lessons cover greetings, alphabet and some basic vocabulary.

To help with the alphabet check out this Tongan Alphabet song on Youtube

Learn counting and days of the week with Anthony Faitaua

Counting in Tongan

So you want to count in Tongan! The basic level of counting in Tongan is easier than you think. All you have to do is learn the numbers 0-10 then you can count from 1-99. Follow these simple rules.

Counting 1-99 in Tongan

  • numbers 0-9 noa, taha, ua, tolu, fā, nima, ono, fitu, valu, hiva
  • the number for 10 is hongofulu (hoh-ngoh-foo-loo)
  • the number for 100 is teau (teh-ah-oo)
  • every other number is literally the words 0-9 combined: twenty becomes two zero – ua noa
  • three exceptions to the rule 22, 55 and 99 words shortened to uo ua, nime nima, hive hiva

Example: How do you say the number …. in Tongan?

  1. 19 (nineteen) – taha hiva
  2. 44 (fourty four) – fā fā
  3. 99 (ninety nine) – hive hiva
  4. 87 (eighty seven) – valu fitu

Test: Can you saying the following numbers in Tongan

  1. 15 (fifthteen)
  2. 33 (thirtythree)
  3. 50 (fifty)
  4. 11 (eleven)
Days of the Week
Tongan Days of the Week


Faafetai lava
Anthony Faitaua