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Learning and Teaching Resources

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Make decisions about how to access and develop appropriate teaching and learning resources.


The review undertaken in the scoping stage will inform next steps in the access and development of approriate learning resources. It should be noted that the development of resources for online learning is a large and ongoing task and involves some work and time to develop. This process can be supported by providing professional learning, and time for teachers that enables them
to effectively find appropriate resources online, and adapt and create their own resources. The collaboration of teams of teachers, sharing and adapting exisiting resources, significantly assists with workload reducing the need to ‘reinvent the wheel’. The use of shared Learning Management Systems or other online spaces is not only vital for the support of online learners, but can be a tool to co-construct learning resources and provide a repository of shared resources easily accessed by all within an LCO. Consider how students can be supported in developing their own Personal Learning Environments using a variety of Web 2.0 tools, or mobile technologies alongside schools’ LMS and ePortfolio tools.


  • Explore a range of open source tools for creating digital content e.g. exe.editor, or LAMs.
  • Plan for opportunities for teachers to collaborate, create and share learning resources within schools, within and between LCOs across learning areas.
  • Engage with advisory services and other agencies to assist with the access and development of resources e.g. Ako Panuku, languages advisors, subject associations.
  • Decide on a learning management system and begin staff development in its use.