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Technical Coordination

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Obtain advice and explore technical support options.


A team of ICT leaders from across the LCO collaborate on planning and decision-making based on the technical needs identified in the scoping stage. Planning should cover such things as efficiencies which can be gained by the sharing of skilled personnel across schools, in the bulk purchase of equipment, and the identification of preferred providers for LCO schools.


  • Explore initiatives such as support for infrastructure upgrades, access to high speed fibre, regional loops and the NEN. Liaise with community groups, schools, and the MOE regarding provision for your LCO.
  • Identify an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is responsive to the open and flexible use of a variety of elearning technologies along with generous bandwidth to enable their effective use.
  • Identify MOE support for technology such as audio/video conference bridge, Tandberg Server, Adobe Connect, LAMs and the availability of supported cluster sites such as Moodle, Elgg or other LMS or Google Apps.
  • Develop an LCO plan for technical development and support.
  • Explore opportunities for partnership with technical providers.