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Develop a professional learning programme focussed on student- centred learning.


Teachers will have identified pedagogical practice that is focussed on student-centred learning - they now need to begin applying this to their own practice. Teachers will need support and guidance to make changes which may at first be outside of their comfort zone. It is important to provide a safe forum for sharing practice and discussion between teachers and to continue to provide models of effective teaching and learning strategies. Encouragement should be given to enable teachers to feel confident about sharing control of the learning experience with their students and to become learners alongside their students.

A professional learning programme should include a range of opportunities for teachers to observe themselves, to observe others, and to reflect and evaluate their teaching with support from others. A useful strategy for teachers to gain a perspective of what it is like to be an online learner is for them to be involved in online learning themselves. Investigate online teaching programmes available, graduate or post-graduate level. Encourage teachers to join relevant online professional learning events when they are offered through the VLN community (e.g. National Library, StudyIt tutorials) or the ICT PD network (e.g. Time4Online...).

Develop a buddy system where new teachers are supported by experienced teachers within or across LCO. Facilitate or join in with curricula meetings within and across LCOs. As indicated there are many strategies for providing professional learning opportunities for teachers but to be truly effective they need to enable change in teacher practice and improvement in student learning.


Develop a professional learning programme that includes:

  • Individual goals from teachers about what will change about
    their practice.
  • Enrol teachers in an online class.
  • Provide opportunities for observation of others and self- observation (classes can be recorded for VC on the Tandberg Server, or in Adobe Connect).
  • Join and/or facilitate online professional learning events.
  • Join and/or facilitate teacher curricula meetings
  • Create a mentoring/buddy system for teachers.
  • Provide time for discussion and reflection.

Supporting Resources

Transitioning to Teach Online: Examples from Two VLN Teachers

In this digital story two eTeachers describe the different things teachers need to consider when making the transition from a face-to-face classroom teacher to teaching in a video conference environment through one of the Virtual Learning Network clusters.

Joel Dodd - ePrincipal, TaraNet
Nigel Bailey - Teacher, WeLCom


Notice how each teacher describes the change in mindset that is required about how instruction is delivered and supported in the video conferencing and online environment.