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Administration & Support Strategies

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Identify, support, management and leadership personnel.


Aspects of the process of the development of an LCO can be very time consuming and require co-ordination and management/ leadership across the schools. It is important to identify a suitable person who will be responsible for the administration and management/leadership tasks that are required when setting up an LCO. A central point for communiciation and co-ordination across the LCO will streamline the processes that are occurring across all areas of the development. Ideally this person would already be
an active participant in the emerging LCO but these tasks can be delegated to existing ancillary staff or by employing an additional person.


  • Identify a key person who can fill this administrative role.
  • Ensure this role doesn’t fall on people within a school by default. Staff should be actively engaged, fully understand the requirements and are supported into these positions.
  • Ensure adequate time allocation is given to administrative support.
  • Key tasks at this stage would be to act as the central point of contact for correspondence with the LCO, coordinate meetings, and circulate information and key documents.