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Learning and Teaching Resources

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Conduct a review of appropriate learning resources, identify gaps and future needs.


The provision of appropriate learning resources is important for the success of online learning. Online resources need to be easily acessible to students and teachers, available in standard digital formats, and flexible enough to be repurposed according to specific learning outcomes. Other types of resources that need to be considered in individual schools are the access to specialist text books, laboratories and equipment, audio-visual and communication equipment, computer and internet access and learning support personnel.

This is particularly important for online students as most often they work more independently than their classroom counterparts and need greater levels of learning support to enable them to access the required resources. Consideration should be given to how schools can best collaborate in LCOs to create, share and access a wide range of learning resources. Note that, potentially, learning resources that are appropriate for online learning will also be suitable for use by every student and teacher in blended learning situation.


Carry out a LCO-wide review of learning resources suitable for sharing across schools to support online learning. This can be facilitated by the following actions:

  • Explore the LCO online space for the sharing of information, expertise, and resources.
  • Develop curriculum and/or year level teams from across the LCO and identify special teaching support and elearning expertise.
  • Assess school strengths that can maximise the benefits of the whole LCO. e.g. media, organisational, practical, legal, or community expertise.
  • Remember to include MOE provided resources from Digistore and TKI.
  • Identify the specific learning resources needs for online courses where there may be shortfalls and excesses.
  • Share resources/ expertise between schools instead of making individual purchases.
  • Identify existing internet-based resources to enrich and enhance learning programmes.
  • Explore opportunities for teachers to collaborate, create and share learning resources as Open Education Resources.
  • Explore opportunities for students to contribute to the creation of learning resources through their own learning process. e.g. co-constructed wiki ‘text books’.
  • Identify teaching and learning resources/expertise available to enhance a programme/course e.g. National Library, Te Papa, virtual field trips, Book Council, community resources (local art galleries, museums, people).