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Identify current and desired teaching practices online.


An identification of current and desired teaching practices online, and an understanding of the use of learning environments, will enable teachers at a personal level and schools at system level to determine changes to existing practices that will need to be made. It is important to note that traditional teaching practice that may be used in face to face classroom environments is not directly transferable into online learning and that a change in pedagogy does not involve an add-on fix but an integral change to the way teaching and learning occurs in online and blended learning environments.

Online learning environments, using tools such as a Learning Management System (LMS) and Web 2.0 tools, are integral for support of online learning and collaboration between teachers and schools. They also provide the capacity to bridge the divide between online (distance) learning and face to face classrooms by enabling a convergence of both into blended learning environments.


  • Provide support and guidance for teachers and schools as they explore pedagogical changes and the system changes that will enable this. This can be in the form of professional learning opportunities, access to experts, sharing and discussion within and between schools and other LCOs, guidance for strategic planning, and decision-making to support system level changes. Provide opportunities for teachers to observe online learning in action.
  • Provide opportunities to explore other clusters’ use of online learning environments. Share research about changes to teaching practices.