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Agree on membership

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Establish membership of the community.


A clear understanding of who will participate is now important so that a commitment to proceed to the next stage can be made. Once participating members are agreed, key contacts within each school should be identified, and a regular, reliable and effective communication method established between those contacts

In addition to identifying the learning organisations and contacts, it may be possible that other collectives within the community might benefit from the establishment of this network e.g. community groups, medical centres, local industry groups, early and continuing education institutions. A comprehensive canvassing of potential ‘partners’ in this initiative is advised at this stage, including both educational and non-educational. It is important that an open process of consultation is considered, as a closed approach may lead to the alienation of groups or individuals who are potentially critical partners in the venture.


  • Establish the potential membership in formation of a community.
  • Identify key contact people.