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Set goals and principles

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Develop an agreed set of goals and principles for the LCO.


Once the above aspects have been considered, a succinct list of goals and principles for the cluster should be established. These may be altered or added to during future planning phases, but will serve to provide the basis upon which the members of the proposed LCO may proceed. This list will also serve as a key point of communication with the various school staff, BOTs and other stakeholders. Considerations here include:

  • Goals:
    -    who is this intended to benefit? How?
    -    will the benefits be only school or community based?
    -    economies of scale to provide what individual schools find difficult.
  • Principles:
    -    quality, expanded and flexible education provision
    -    learner-centred pedagogy
    -    professional collaboration
    -    access to technology, resources and expertise
    -    enhancement to classroom programmes
    -    building a community of lifelong learners
    -    development of strategies and resources to enhance and enrich underpinning values and beliefs.
  • Key Questions:
    -    what will be the priority if funding is limited?
    -    what happens if too many/too few schools want to participate?
    -    what happens if key personnel leave /are over-committed?


  • establish a list of agreed goals for the LCO
  • negotiate a set of agreed principles to guide the development and operation of the LCO.