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Participating in an Online Community

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Last updated by Jill Hammonds

Statistics for the Literacy Online Community show quite high membership numbers, but also that like many communities, many members are not active participants.  This online environment can take some getting used to, and first experiences can even be somewhat daunting.  However, the value once you get underway can be very rewarding, and a community can change from being something that uses up valuable time, to being a time saver through the sharing by members and responses to your queries when you need information or ideas.

This tab is aimed at providing some background information to online community participation, some tips for getting started, and some research into positive behaviours that grow the community.  I'm hoping that some of our regulars and our lurkers will be able to help me compile the resources, so please feel free to contribute links, ask questions and challenge ideas in the discussion forum set up for this purpose.

Tips for online participation
his first two resources come from Hazel Owen's blog posts in her Ethos Consultancy Online space.  Hazel is lead facilitator in the Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) Community.  She talks about the value she gains from membership of online communities, and shares some of the ways that she has found help develop both the community and the knowledge and trust of its members.  Click on the graphics to visit the blog posts.

12 tips for online community participation

Best Practice in Online Community
his next is a business focused blog post with a 3 minute embedded video, provides 5 best practice tips for engaging in online community, and there is some transfer to our professional learning community.