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The "Who" and "Why" of Cross-Curricular Literacy


One of THE most important questions we need to ask is "WHO is our learner?"

It is in knowing our learner, that we gain insights into their world, their strengths, needs and ways of learning.

We might ask questions such as:

  • What are their cultural, religious, social identities?

  • Who and what are their major influences, and where are they situated in relation to themselves? (their social panorama)

  • What do they enjoy about their learning?

  • In what areas do they need to further develop their learning power?


 So, WHY is Cross-Curricular Literacy important?

In order to answer this question, we need to become aware of Literacy trends and patterns on a wider scale. This may involve reading research or information that will better our understanding of what is happening beyond our own four walls, or particular context. 

Here are a couple of places to begin:

Children’s and Young People’s Reading Today
Findings from the 2011 National Literacy
Trust’s annual survey
Christina Clark
National Literacy Trust

NZQA National Statistics - published 2013.

National Standards report - July 2013

As with all statistical data, we know there are further stories and questions that sit behind it.
What this information does provide, is a picture of trends and patterns. We can then take these noticings into our own contexts for comparisons. In that way, we not only keep an "Eye on the Prize" (our own Learners), but also the wider context of the world in which they are an integral part of.