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LEARNZ Fieldtrip

Reading is more than just a subject area generally scheduled during the morning session.  Reading is a means of accessing the curriculum, and as such needs to include reading within each of the curriculum areas to extend a student's subject specific vocabulary and understanding of text.  Additionally reading should encompass both paper based and digital text so that students develop the skills to work comfortably with each utilising the skills and opportunities each holds.  

The internet is a wealth of reading opportunity for students of all ages but is often ignored as part of a reading programme because of the need to design and structure the reading experience.

The LEARNZ virtual fieldtrip site offers a wonderful reading resource with activity factored in to engage the student and provide opportunities for harvesting, processing and presenting information.

For students with limited reading ability, the web also provides free tools that can assist your students to decode, interpret and utilise the text found there.

This next page will guide you through use of the LEARNZ fieldtrips as a reading resource, and provide access to a range of e-Learning tools to aid development of the reading programme.

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