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Set up: The eLPF Online tool

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Last updated by Karen Spencer

 This page includes support for the use of the tool itself.

imageSet up

Make sure your school is using an up-to-date browser with reliable connectivityIn order to access the e-Learning Planning Framework online tool with confidence, it is recommended that schools use Internet Explorer 8 or above, or the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you can't guarantee this, use the hard-copy version.

How schools can complete the survey

This varies according to the wishes of the schools. They might:

  • All complete it together in a staff meeting. Questions automatically vary in order so a teacher will be answering different questions to their neighbour.


  • At times that suit them during a given period. e.g. a week
  • In stages across a group of staff / leadership / whole staff - the data will reflect those voices that completed it, so bear that in mind, and work with the school accordingly.


Tell the staff...

  • that the survey is anonymous. They should try to be as honest as they can in their responses.
  • to email their survey url/PIN number when they login for the first time.. They can use this to go back in and access their own entries.
  • it will take approx 40 mins. to complete, depending on how many comments you write.
  • if it feels "repetitive" it's because there are two questions for each aspect, one inviting their personal view, another inviting their view on the school. Both are vital to inform your planning.
  • some statements look like they are asking for two things. This is because the statements are derived from most developed phase of the framework, and effective review is often part of this. Ask them to consider the extent to which they agree that this is an "accurate description" of the current position of the school or themselves, rather than "right/wrong".
  • encourage staff to put in comments, seeking clarification, or in terms of qualifying their thinking. Schools who have completed the survey in the past have reported the comments as being some of the most useful information they have received. Any areas of strong feeling should have a comment!
  • In terms of test validity, it should be done in ‘one hit’, but could be paused if absolutely necessary.
  • the questions range across all 5 dimensions in random order

How does the tool work?

  • Participants positioned the slider roughly where they feel it fits for them on the scale according to each question. Use gut feeling. 
  • Each slider scale, behind the scenes, is divided into five equal phases. There are 99 possible positions that the slider could be placed in across those five basis. In effect, it is a five point scale. The data is aggregated by element and phase.


Advice for admin

  • Log in. All information you need is there.
  • Go to send survey to generate a url for your staff. Send this in an email to them when you are ready to gather data.