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Possible approaches

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The purpose of the e-Learning Planning Framework is to provide a shared language for schools as they look across their school to review the way they integrate technologies into their curriculum.

There is no 'one' way to conduct a review.

However, we share here some possible approaches that are likely to be useful to help schools through this process:


How might I use it as part of a review?


  • Examples of facilitation: Whole staff review and discussion supports a shared approach as schools look at what they are doing with technologies and why. This thread includes examples of how Blended e-Learning facilitators as they have used it with whole staff.
inquiry cycle
[Image source: Timperley et al.(2007)]



ducks in a row Checklist for effective review

An effective school e-learning review might ask the following questions:


  • How are we collaborating with the whole school, our community, whānau and iwi?
  • What do we need to know, specifically, about the way we using e-learning?
  • What different types of data can we collect to help inform our review, including student achievement data?
  • What do we know about the progress of our Māori and Pasifika learners, and those students with identified special education needs?
  • When we look at the information, have we considered all the factors that might explain why students are doing well or why we have the issues we do?
  • So, what's most important for us to focus on? What will benefit our learners?


  • Have we designed an action plan that specifically addresses the issues we have identified?
  • Will our action plan support collaborative, culturally responsive professional learning and inquiry?

Monitoring and reviewing

  • How will we monitor our actions and review their progress and impact as we go?
  • Do we need to adjust our actions?
  • What was the impact of our actions on leaders? teachers? students? whānau and iwi?



cogs What next? Taking action

Once you have conducted a review, and you have a sense of the schools' strengths and needs, Enabling e-Learning provides discussion starters and resources tailored to each dimension and element.