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Many students have a very hit and miss process when it comes to research.  Some open their browser and type their search basic keyword into the url bar and hit Enter/Return to do a basic Google search.  This may net them nothing, or more likely, and worse still, it may find them millions of potential sites of which they may check the first few.  If they are looking for information about kayaking skills, they may only find sites that want to sell them kayaks, and very soon they may have given up and come to ask the teacher.  This is not helpful to them or you and shows the need for more just in time teaching on effective search as part of researching.  Here are some ideas to get started.

Check out Using "Advanced Google search" to aid reading and research.

Google Search.jpg

Find out about Boolean search techniques by watching this video.

Get help from a NZ librarian by using the Any Questions? site.  Full explanations can be found on their page.
Any Questions?