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Jill Hammonds' Enabling e-Learning webinar 3.12.14 sharing ways in which digital tools can ignite, support and extend literacy skills - for all writers, including those with special learning needs and abilities. 

Prior to the webinar, attendees indicated what they were most interested in.

Literacy requests

Jill talked about the importance of starting with clear learning intentions based on evidence gathered and then shared how a variety of e-tools can help meet the and extend the literacy needs - from juniors through to older writers. Jill also touched on ideas to motivate deaf and hearing impaired students.

Jill has added the link to the writing assessment rubric since the webinar so you can access the full presentation with links and additional notes here.

You can also access the actual recording here >>>

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The Machine is Us/ing Us video.

Machine using us.jpg

What is the impact of the digital world on student literacy?

Digi literacy.jpg