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Classroom Practice Examples

This page is a series of classroom videos working with students and their teachers to raise achievement in writing.  Videos can also be found in the relevant sections of the navigation.

Using Keynote (or Powerpoint) in the classroom with Year 5 & 6 students at Ashhurst Primary to engage them in the writing process.  This focuses on the use of action buttons to make non-linear presentations which can also be used to write "Pick-a-path" stories.  Students see this as "making a powerpoint" rather than just writing and hence the barriers are down and writing happens.  Once writing happens you can then work on raising the quality and scaffolding for success.

Debriefing with the teachers:

Writing e-Books with Storybird - A session with Year 3 & 4 students from Ashhurst Primary

Debrief with the teachers:

Using Etherpad and a Recipe for Writing to scaffold the writing process and provide audience and feedback for students - a session with Year 7 & 8 students at Ashhurst Primary.

A debrief with the teachers: