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Last updated by Jane Armstrong Bos

As teachers, most of us would have found reading easy and enjoyable at school, and have found researching and resourcing easy in our teaching career through libraries and resource rooms within and beyond the school.  However, the greatest reading resource is now to be found online, and yet we have not all kept pace with its use or its offerings.  In this section we look at the opportunities and the skills that digital reading have to offer our students, and the importance of developing these skills in all classrooms in order to prepare our students for their future.

Exploring the opportunities for online reading should also add salve to our school budget preparation, as much of what we once bought in hard copy, then stored and struggled to keep up to date, is now available via the internet - free, regularly updated and more process efficient through hyperlinked glossaries and related information, and accessible through the use of text read software to support and enable our more struggling students. 

These pages aim to bridge the gap with the reading opportunities and processes of the online environment. They are being added to regularly so come back and explore often.

Topics include:

Online Reading Skills
Reading online

Read eBooks
Read eBooks

Reading through LEARNZ virtual fieldtrips
Reading through LEARNZ Virtual Fieldtrips

Research Skills
Google Research

Encouraging Reading
Encouraging Reading