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Writing - engaging for some and a huge brick wall for others.  The e-Learning tools create opportunities for these struggling writers to level the playing field and achieve success and satisfaction, while equally providing an exciting and challenging platform for more able students.  This section aims to explore the pedagogy and the tools to make writing enjoyable for all students.

Classroom Practice Examples
A series of classroom videos working with students and their teachers to raise achievement in writing. 

Examples from teachers
Teachers share how eTools have engaged their students and raised literacy achievement 
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Engaging students in writing
Ideas, software and Apps for raising student achievement in writing 

Developing Vocabulary
Ideas and software for increasing student vocabulary for writing 

Making Editing Fun!
Using Track Changes and other tools to track the changes made at editing to engage the student in this process - yes its possible!
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Check out this Google Doc for selecting eTools for specific learnig intentions for writing.  You will see that it is set out with the learning intentions of the deep and surface features of writing across 3 levels of the primary school.  http://tinyurl.com/etools4lit  Please also add to the document with your own ideas.