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Science Learning Hub

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For all the great sites based overseas I really can't go past our own homegrown science site - The Science Learning Hub.

It is a set of resources on a wide variety of topics that you can use as is as units or just browse and find support for your own planning. There are lots of videos, animations and graphics to make science simple, and give your students the opportunity to hear scientists talk about their work which is a very important aspect of the Nature of Science.

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The Contexts - "The contexts are the heart of the Hub, each exploring a major theme or idea and providing a gateway to related content and explorations. Each context is supported by a range of collections including multimedia files, classroom resources based on the requirements of the New Zealand science curriculum, and the stories of New Zealand’s science and technology sector in action."  They explain it so well on the site I just quoted them!  Check out the list of fantastic topics they have covered - and new ones are added regularly. The site is currently aimed at Year 5-10 classes but there are plans to aim at the younger students in the near future. Besides all the contexts can be adapted to suit any age.

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Science Stories - "Our science stories are smaller collections of resources, putting the focus on key science themes, ideas and events."  These are organised slightly differently from the Contexts and have a lot of visual resources.  Really good for younger classes.

One of the best things about the Hub is the way they have scattered Nature of Science keys all the way through the material. Reminders of how to discuss ideas, indications of the scientific thinking behind the material and ways to approach the resources to help your students better understand the way scientists work.

So go and have a look at it...If you want some ideas about how to use it you can check out this webinar from July (Science in the classroom - unpacking the Science Learning Hub) by Mary Loveless and I. Mary gives you a virtual tour and then I show you how I pick and choose around the site to create a unit that suits the wonderings my class came up with.