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Mini cameras

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Have you got an iPod? Then you have a fantastic tool for collecting data, observing changes over time and enabling your students to see things they might miss with their own eyes.  You can download the free app "Frame X Frame' by Joby from the App Store to enable your iPod camera to make stop motion videos, time lapse photography and self-timed photos.  If your school is considering new cameras it might be useful to look at a GoPro as they are tiny, come with a variety of mounts and can be mounted on bikes, trees, even the kids to capture all sorts of action.  Can you spot it in the photo above?

Whatever you use to do the filming photography is a great way to capture your science.  Imagine being able to watch a baking soda volcano explode in slow mo - what details might you be able to observe that you have missed with even the most careful natural observation?  What might the students learn by being able to rewatch something happening?  How might they use their movie footage to explain their learning to an online audience?  The Nature of Science includes learning how to communicate ideas.  Their explanations will be clearer, backed up by better evidence, and be able to demonstrate what they have learned if they can capture events with photography.