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Science 360

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This is an amazing site for just exploring.  It is sort of like TED in that it is a collection of videos but here they are all about science and have plenty of material for all facets of the science curriculum  They are usually quite short, maybe 3-4 minutes. It could be used to inspire - maybe last thing on a Friday when you need to give the class a buzz, a wow to float off home on. Or you can find background, motivational material for beginning a topic, or changing direction.  Maybe you have a reading group who have got revved up about their book - find a video that can extend their understanding or start a conversation.  Have a look at this video on how scientists are interpreting changes in the way butterflies migrating as evidence of climate change.


it is interesting to see how the scientists work, collect data through observation, compare their work with that of others and debate about their conclusions. The photography is fantastic too. 

Although a lot of the material is american there is a lot of value in hearing the scientists talk about their work regardless.

Finally, this site is also available free for ipad or ipod through the App store.