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Steve Spangler Science

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It is always a bonus to find a great website that really inspires and assists you to teach something new.  This site is my go to for practical science ideas.  Steve Spangler is a bit of a rock star - you may have seen him on "Ellen". His website has investigations you can do with pretty ordinary stuff usually but what makes it great is that he has all the background information that gives you the confidence to begin a conversation with your class.  He also has equipment and stuff available from the online store but their postage rates are exorbitant so if you have any contacts in the States then they might need to be put to good use! He has a blog to follow and he tweets!  The best things are the videos - so you can start off with him doing the teaching first if you want to! Check it out and if you like the look of it sign up for the "Experiment of the Week" and he will send you something cool to try each week.  Maybe set checking and trying the experiment as homework, or have a go as a class on a Monday morning and have the  children write about it, their opinions/explanations/debates all week?