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Artificial Limbs

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Last updated by Joy Kitt

from spacecollective.org

We love watching the Olympic athletes in prime condition performing miracles in their sports. We are also able to watch more athletes in prime condition performing bigger miracles at the Paralympics.  Keep an eye out for their gadgets. Not toys but pieces of amazing engineering that enable them to not only live but surpass all expectations and become Olympians.  It might be interesting to find out how artificial limbs have changed over the years.  One of the most interesting changes is that in the old days they were made to look like a real limb but now they are made to do a job well and may look like tools rather than human body parts.  I have read about extreme sportsmen who have had different feet made for their legs so they can click on a rock climbing tool, a biking foot, or one for running.  I feel a bit jealous in a way!  How about you?