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What can I find here?

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Each heading encourages a different angle on e-science learning and teaching, and inspiration to begin conversations to explore the Nature of Science.

Gadgets - links to brand-new or unusual gadgets.  Screen shot 2012-08-07 at 3.23.19 PM.png

What if...? - links to events, places, scientists' work, or amazing things that make you ask "What if...I had that to help me, What if that was in my house, What if we could have that at our school?  

Screen shot 2012-08-07 at 3.30.18 PM.png

What a site - a new site each month that you can bookmark.  The sites I've chosen are full of investigations, examples, videos, and support for you in your science lessons in your classroom.

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Thinking together: Culturally responsive ideas for science - some ideas to help find a way to bring the traditional explanations of the world around us into parallel with the western scientific ways of explaining the world. I try to find a story or idea and bring both ways to explain it together encouraging investigation to explore the two ways of explaining.